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Welcome to the New Mexico National Guard Officer Candidate School (OCS)

The mission of Foxtrot Company is to conduct Officer Candidate School (OCS) in accordance with established United States Army Infantry School (USAIS)and National Guard Bureau (NGB)standards. All training sites are functionally aligned with OCS Battalion (located in Kansas). Train selected personnel in the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills; instill the professional and physical fitness ethics; evaluate leadership potential and commission those who qualify as second lieutenants in the Task Force.

OCS General Information

No doubt everyone who has read this far is asking the question - Why should I attend Officer Candidate school? There are a number of sound advantages in becoming an officer. One advantage, an old familiar friend that everyone understands - dollars and cents.

Higher Pay as an Officer:

How much more pay? Consider the pay of an E-4 with four years of service, as opposed to that of a second lieutenant right out of OCS who has the same number of years service (per weekend drill). E-4: $297.44 / 2LT: $371.20.

Note: While attending OCS, candidates are advanced to the pay grade of E-6 - $363.80 (four years service) per weekend drill.


Young men and women who aspire to climb the ladder of success can attain another goal by selecting the OCS route. An officer is, by virtue of his assignment and training, a leader.

Greater Service:

As an officer, you have an opportunity to serve your country in a leadership role. Not all candidates become officers. In fact, only about 50% achieve this goal. As an officer, you will have an opportunity to assist in the planning and preparation of your unit's training. You can look forward to greater service with more challenging responsibility. As a commissioned officer you will acquire leadership and management skills that are in high demand in the military as well as in your civilian career.

Schooling Opportunities:

After completion of Officer Candidate School, there are numerous service schools available for an officer to attend. Those assigned to Infantry or Armor units may have the opportunity for Airborne or Ranger Training. It is also possible to attend flight training through the National Guard.

OCS Training NCO 2nd Bn, 515th Rgt (RTI) 27A Bataan Blvd Santa Fe, NM 87508

(505) 474-1280

This website is for New Mexico National Guard OCS applicants only, all other applicants should address questions and concerns to their home-state Regional Training Institutes. New Mexico OCS cannot process other state applications nor can they answer questions concerning other states policies and regulations. All inquiries should be made through your state RTI.