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515th Regional Training Institute

The 515th Regiment (Regional Training Institute) professionally trains Soldiers to achieve and maintain combat readiness.


The HQ, 515th Regiment RTI will be the most professional, effective, and efficient training institution within the United States Military Force. Our training will be the most relevant to the force and will prepare soldiers from all services to effectively operate and survive in a Joint Environment. We will be a nationally recognized leader in homeland security and urban warfare training. Our instructors and staff will embody the warrior spirit - always physically fit, trained, combat-ready, values-based, and consistently performing beyond the standard, and they will impart this spirit to all who enter our "hallowed halls." Our members will be involved with and will give back to the communities within which they reside. We will exemplify the "team spirit" in all we do.


The HQ, 515th Regiment RTI exercises command and control or coordinating authority and provides guidance, oversight, mission assignment, and support to conduct operations and training (administrative, operational, and logistical) support to school battalions as appropriate. Maintain coordination with functionally aligned training/TD (task) proponents and implement changes in courses as soon as possible. Identify those prerequisites for courses in ATTRS that are inadequate and are not ensuring attendance of qualified soldiers, and submit this information to the appropriate command for review and forwarding to the proponent school, if necessary. Coordinate and cooperate with assessment and accreditation teams, ensuring all instructors meet instructor qualifications and certification requirements set by the proponent IAW TRADOC Reg 350-70. Schedule and conduct classes based on the ARPRINT and the TRAP, and actively supervise, monitor, observe, and evaluate instruction/instructors at all teaching sites in the region under their coordinating authority.