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Warrior Leadership Course (WLC)

​Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the 515th Regiment Training Institute (RTI-NM), NCO Academy WLC, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In-processing is from 0800 to 1800 on the ATRRS report date. Report in IPFU’s.

When you report, you are required to have with you:

1. Three copies of your orders stating you are attending WLC, at Onate Training Complex, Santa Fe, NM with correct report and end date.

2. A Pre-execution checklist (TRADOC FORM 350-18-2-R-E dated Jul 2009), or ATRRS generated Pre-execution checklist, completely filled out (this means every block should be filled in), your first line leader, and you will initial all blocks. All the administrative data needs to be filled in. On page two the Minimum Aptitude Score is not needed, PULHES Requirement is as follows 222332, the PULHES information needs to be filled in. If the Soldier data does not meet or exceed this requirement see below. YOUR COMMANDER MUST SIGN THIS FORM or provide a copy of the memorandum that gives delegation of authority to the soldier who is signing for the commander. It is important you have this form filled out correctly and in its entirety.

3. If you have a profile of P2, you will need to have a properly completed DA Form 3349 dtd Feb 04 (this authorizes and substantiates your profile and informs us of your limitations for the course).

If your permanent profile is P3 or P4, you will need to have a properly completed DA Form 3349 and an MMRB cover letter. Your unit administrator or readiness NCO will be able to help you with these documents.

If you have a temporary profile, are in a recovery period from a temporary profile, or have a medical condition that is undiagnosed by military officials, you may be ineligible to attend. Soldiers with temporary profiles not from OIF/OEF are allowed to attend the course as long as they can “fully participate in all WLC activities” as outlined in the WLC CMP. All profiled soldiers will train within the limits of their profile. You or your unit must call us to determine your eligibility to attend this course.

Commanders may send soldiers with temporary profiles due to participation in OIF/OEF. Soldiers must arrive with a copy of their temporary profile and a memorandum signed by the commander stating the profile is a result of injuries sustained due to participation in OIF/OEF.

4. You must have a current AKO log-in ID and password.

5. Make sure the map quiz has been completed prior to arrival to WLC.

Course information such as packing lists and items you should bring with you are available through the Internet at the ATRRS homepage at and get this information by entering 1005-WLC in the COURSE block and 1005 in the SCHOOL CODE block. Your unit can also access this information through ATRRS from the SH Screen for School Code 1005. Be sure that you look at the WLC packing list.

Students will be staying in open bay billets at no cost to the Soldier.

Meals will be provided; lunch, Monday, Day 0 through breakfast, Tuesday, Day 22.

If you or your unit has questions, please call the Staff Duty phone (505) 660-3548. Our Fax number is 505-474-1215.