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 Join the Guard


​​To join the National Guard without prior service, you must meet these mandatory requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 17 and 35 
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident 
  • Be a at least a junior in high school, or have a high school diploma or a GED certificate 
  • Meet medical, physical and moral requirements

 Benefits of Joining


There are numerous benefits to serving in the National Guard. Some are:

  • ​Get a degree with money for school
  • Learn job skills that translate to the civilian world
  • Make bonds that last a lifetime and earn pride for life
  • Earn pay for every day you serve during training, weekend drills and deployment

Air National Guard specific benefits

For a chance to see available careers in the New Mexico Air National Guard, Click to visit

Recruiting and Retention Contact Information

  • R&R BN CDR - 505-474-1264
  • R&R BN CSM - 575-647-2410
  • State Retention NCOIC/ IST Coordinator - 505-860-0303
  • Officer Accession - 505-474-1538
  • Warrant Officer Accession- 505 331-7893
  • Marketing NCO- 505-231-4163

Find your local Army Recruiter

  • Alamogordo - 575-524-7444
  • Albuquerque - 505-352-1155
  • Belen - 505-352-1155
  • Clovis - 575-762-7985
  • Deming - 575-524-7444
  • Farmington - 505-474-2036
  • Grants - 505-352-1155
  • Las Cruces - 575-524-7444
  • Las Vegas - 505-425-8381
  • Rio Rancho - 505-231-4163
  • Roswell - 575-347-3575
  • Santa Fe - 505-473-4541
  • Silver City - 575-524-7444
  • Taos - 575-758-1858
  • Tucumcari - 575-473-4541

Join the Air National Guard

  • Albuquerque - 800-984-9610 or 505-830-0461

​​​​​Contact your RSP Cadre

  • RSP Primary Info - 505-474-2169/ 2562
  • RSP CDR - 505-474-1538
  • RSP 1SG - 505-474-2169
  • Roswell C Co RSP - 505-474-2562
  • Alpha Co SF RSP - 505-474-1731
  • Albuquerque HHC RSP - 505-474-2123
  • Santa Fe B Co RSP - 505-474-2491
  • Las Cruces D Co RSP - 505-474-7113

 New Mexico Army National Guard Recruiting & Retention


The RRBN will assist the units in the NMARNG by providing Soldiers, Warrant Officers and Officers that are capable of completing the unit’s assigned missions. We will complete all missions as assigned and will become the best Recruiting Battalion in the Army National Guard.


The Recruiting and Retention Battalion will recruit quality Soldiers to the New Mexico Army National Guard and will achieve 100% assigned to authorized strength in all units.

 New Mexico Air National Guard Recruiting & Retention


We are a Team of professional Recruiters and Retainers dedicated to providing the highest quality of uncompromised, personal customer service to all members and potential members in a manner that reflects our pride in the Nation, the United States Air Force, the Air National Guard and the 150th Special Operations Wing.


The New Mexico Air National Guard will provide combat ready Airmen across a wide spectrum of capabilities to perform dynamic state and federal missions. We will maintain a constant state of readiness to protect the citizens of New Mexico in cases of emergency or natural disaster. We will train mission ready aircrew, perform agile combat support, provide a highly mobile civil engineering response force, and produce precision targeting intelligence for the United States Air Force and Joint Warfighters. Highly qualified and motivated people are the key to the mission and success. Recruiting and Retention directly affects this level of quality and dedication by providing personalized options and opportunities that the New Mexico Air National Guard offers to all unit members and potential members, thereby encouraging professional and personal enhancement.

New Mexico National Guard Recruiting and Retention