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Welcome to the New Mexico State Defense Force​

Update as of February 11, 2015:



The first application review committee met in Santa Fe on Friday 6 February, 2015 to review applications submitted. On the committee were myself, three members of the TAG's staff and one of two civilian members appointed by BG Torres. The goal was to review packets in accordance's with requirements established in the new personnel regulation, and completeness on items we asked all members to submit, as we were not using the active 201 files many of them being incomplete when reviewed back in March of last year, by the NMARNG G1 section. This is why we asked all members to resubmit current certifications degrees, transcripts, and the most current DD 214's, other items required in new personnel regulation.

Bottom line up front: when the review committee started going thru the packets many of the items request or place on the front page of the applications submitted was not provided in the packet. Out of 38 only about five sent required items. Many sent degrees, but no transcript or diplomas. Some listed certification but sent no copies to support certifications, etc. So the board decided not to review packets until items are submitted.

Therefore, Col. Knowlton, the interim G1, has been assigned to send each member a listing of items missing from your packets. If you receive a letter identifying documents lacking from packet, you have an extension until 01 March 2015 to send the missing items up to be placed in your packets. Failure to submit documentation by requested date, will eliminate your packet from review process and possible discharge from NMSDF. It is the members responsibility to get this documents requests by the date indicated above or your packet will be eliminated from the review process and member will be discharged. Please avoid this and get them into Col. Knowlton.

Members who have not yet submitted a packet have until 15 February, 2015 will be processed for discharge on 16 February, 2015. Those requesting retirement please submit letter to Commander.

ITEM # 2

Until further notices those unit who have an internal training plan, continue internal training operations where you left off before stand down. For example, CPT Rumples unit provided a training plan and training schedule to me on what he would be working on with his personnel. Additionally, you can coordinate with the local community, ire city and county, provide support for community events. You are encouraged to use this time to help your communities on drill weekends or support the NMARNG units drilling. There is a lot to do in the communities, if you start offering support to the communities especially for events. Make your selves visible.

Because we are on Cadre status and not deployed we are not covered by insurance at the unit. Workman's compensation only kicks in if unit is deployed to state emergency. Same with meals. We have no budget at present time to provide meals. I can get permission for members to stay at the armory, if they come from over 60 miles. Orders for travel can be cut to provide to your employers, but it does not cover you in an accident for cadre duty. At present time NMARNG units are contracting meals for personnel. They cannot use federal funding to feed a state personnel. I am asking the question that, if a unit over orders food and they are going to throw it, if units may give it to NMSDF personnel. The G4 at NMARNG will have to make that call. I can't, as it is out of my lane.

On that note, we ran into some snags on several units due to lack of leadership in some areas. CPT Stowers was assigned as the interim commander for the unit at Rio Rancho until we find a commander. He notified me last minute he was going to be out of town. So I am not sure who is assigned to what area, before stand down. I need someone in the following areas to take charge and advise me, by name, who is assigned to the following areas and who was in charge before stand down. Until this is done, those units are not to meet until we identify a lead person to coordinate training, directly with me and access to the armory.

Farmington - Rio Rancho- Albuquerque, Roswell- Carlsbad-Espanola/Taos

Additionally, those who was in charge of the Chaplin's Corps and where were they located? The NMSDF HQ, for now is in Santa Fe, personnel assigned to the HQ Socorro have a choice either come to Santa Fe, or conduct cadre training in the nearest town with and NMSDF unit until further notice. I know we are off to a rocky start after 9 months of being dormant, but until the review process is complete and personnel are reassigned or left in place community support and military ceremonies, and Chaplin support, for the community is the priority.


A review of what can be worn on the ACU's was conduct at JTFQ HQ. I was advised that we will follow AR 670-1, in reference to SDF units ,and the regulations determine by the state/TAG. therefore, it was determine that:

States wishing to adopt the ASU and ACU uniforms for SDF units will request permission from the Chief of NGB thru their state TAG. Once the Chief of NGB approves use of these uniforms, it will be register at NGB and a letter will be sent to TAG. however, AR 670-1 states once it has been approved the buttons, cap devices, and other insignia differ significantly from that prescribe for the U.S Army and National Guard. State insignia will not include U.S., devices, the seal of the united states, U.S. army names tapes, etc.

In this determination I was advised of the following:

NMSDF may wear ACU's since you have had them in use for several years. However, I will have to submit the request to Chief NBG, thru TAG to get approval to continue the use. The same with the ASU. As far as what items can be worn on the ACU the following shall apply:

New Mexico Flag colored on the right arm. (Not the American Flag)

NMSDF Patch on the left arm (Colored). The new patch will be ordered soon and it will be a colored patch not subdued until we receive them the subdued is in effect. No negotiation.

New Mexico will remain in effect over the left breast pocket. For now they will be ACU color, but we will convert to the red name tape as indicated by regulation.NMSG will not be used or requested. Same with the name tape, it will change to red for ACU's. (No negotiation)

Bret's will have the red flash, not the blue. If you have a beret with a blue flash you will wear ACU patrol cap with ACU's until red flash is acquired. (No negotiation)

Awards and decorations: Prior service personnel may only those awards issued and annotated on the DD 214. State Awards issued by TAGNM may also be worn. NIMMS Badges may be worn if given by FEMA and or a state agency, such as State Fire Marshall's office at the discretion of AAG-NMSDF.

Civilian Jump wings and other awards earned at private jump schools on a personal time may not be worn on NMSDF uniform (No negotiation).

A committee will be put in place next month to determine new awards to be added to state awards and discussion on an informal third uniform for special events. Major Thompson will be my vice chair on this committee and CPT Hatch, if he can come to Santa Fe.

This is an update on where we are at as of today. As soon as I find out who is located where and who is in charge where I will work with them on training guidance and armory keys. The CoS has advised me that MAQCOM Commanders and AO's were directed to give us an office space at armories where we have personnel. Other than CPT Rumples unit, I need to know who was where before stand down, who was in charge at that location, what type of unit it was, and how many personnel are still present at that location by name.

 Submit Packets

Mail completed packets to

Commander, NMSDF

47 Bataan Blvd. Box 20

Santa Fe, NM 87508

Email scanned packets to

Bring completed packets to the January 24th meeting