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Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

If you have been a victim of Sexual Assault, REMEMBER….

  1. The assault was NOT your fault. You did not cause it to happen. It is solely the fault of your perpetrator.
  2. People are here to help. We are committed to supporting you in the most sensitive and private way possible.
  3. There is no “right way” in dealing with Sexual Assault. Let the SARC/Victim Advocate put you in touch with all the resources and assistance available to you.
  4. Take care of yourself and ask for what you need.

REMEMBER... You are a Survivor!

To report an assault, please call one of the 24 Hour contacts

NMNG SARC 24/7 line: 505-274-1139 can be for both Army and Air 2014_NMNG_Logo_SAPR_640x246.png

NM Air Guard 24/7 line: 505-241-9719

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE): 505-884-7263

Rape Crisis Center: 505-266-7711

DoD Safe Helpline: 1-877-995-5247

Restricted Report

  • Enables military members to report a sexual assault to specified personnel, without triggering an investigation.Specified personnel include the SARC, a healthcare provider, trained Victim Advocate or chaplain
  • Provides confidential reporting
  • Allows access to medical care, counseling and a victim advocate but does not initiate the investigative process
  • Intended to give the victim additional time and increased control over the release and management of the victim’s personal information
  • Empowers the victim to seek relevant information and support to make an informed decision about participating in the criminal process
  • You can contact your unit's trained Victim Advocate, or the Chaplain at 505-474-1876 or the SARC 24/7 line: 505-274-1139(Army and Air Guard)

Your report will NOT trigger an investigation; therefore, no action will be taken against the offender(s) as the result of your report.

Unrestricted Report

  • Any report of a sexual assault made through normal reporting channels which includes the victim’s chain of command, Judge Advocate Office, law enforcement, SARC or Victim Advocate
  • The SARC will be notified and assign a victim advocate to the individual
  • Details of the allegation will be provided only to those personnel who have a legitimate need to know
  • Medical treatment, forensic evidence collection, and counseling services will be coordinated.
  • Contact your unit's Victim Advocate, unit Chain of Command, Judge Advocate Office, local law enforcement or the SARC 24/7 line: 505-274-1139 (Army and Air National Guard can contact the SARC)

Your report will trigger an investigation