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JAG_Insignia.png​​The New Mexico National Guard Office of The Staff Judge Advocate is committed to helping Soldiers, Retirees and their Family Members by providing no-cost legal advice and assistance in preparing legal documents.

Legal assistance attorneys will not appear in civilian courts or give advice concerning private income producing activities. Within these limitations, the legal assistance attorneys and staff may provide legal counseling, draft letters, draft wills and powers of attorney, provide notary service, negotiate legal disputes with third parties, review and explain legal documents (sales contracts, leases, court papers, etc), provide pro se assistance in limited situations, or make referrals to civilian attorneys when appropriate.

What we CAN and CANNOT do for you

We provide basic advice and services on personal legal matters including:

  • Notary services
  • Estate issues such as wills, living wills, advance medical directives, powers of attorney and guardianships
  • Family matters such as adoption, paternity, divorce, custody, support and visitation
  • Consumer issues such as contracts, auto repairs, warranties and bankruptcy
  • Landlord-Tenant issues
  • Real property law such as home purchase or sale
  • Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act issues
  • Veterans’ reemployment rights
  • Referral to civilian attorneys for complex legal matters

We do NOT provide the following services:

  • Defenses to charges brought pursuant to the Military Code of New Mexico. Contact the Trial Defense Service offices at the Trial Defense Team regarding this issue
  • Private business activities
  • Litigation or claims against the United States
  • Prepaid-legal-representation cases such as your insurance company defending you in a tort case
  • Contingent fee cases
  • Standards of conduct issues
  • Legal issues or concerns raised on behalf of a person who is ineligible for legal assistance

Legal Assistance Office Hours

The Office of Legal Assistance is available via phone and email. Clients are encouraged to call 505-474-1328

Staff Judge Advocate SJA 505-474-1258

Deputy SJA 505-474-1209

Senior Paralegal Assistant 505-474-1328​​

New_TDS_Patch.jpgNew Mexico Army National Guard
Trial Defense Services


TDS service-requests are received by the Senior Paralegal Specialist, NMNG at: (505) 474-1328

Trial Defense Services are available to New Mexico Army National Guardsmen, and by special request and exception, to New Mexico Air National Guardsmen.

TDS can assist in the following matters:

1. Military Justice Actions. Service of Courts-Martial charges, Article 15s, appeals of Article 15s. Military pretrial confinees, to include Soldiers apprehended by civil law enforcement under provisions of NMSA 20-12-12.

2. Adverse Administrative Actions. Receipt of an involuntary separation (to include officer elimination or Withdrawal of Federal Recognition) or grade reduction notification, or a memorandum of reprimand. Notification of a Flying Evaluation Board or withdrawal of other military credentials or qualifications resulting from allegations of misconduct.

3. Investigations. Subjects of command investigations (to include 15-6 or Commander's Inquiry). Subjects of investigations by military law enforcement and investigative organizations (CID, Army CI, OSI, NCIS, etc.) or civilian LE organizations investigating a military-related offense. Subjects under charges or investigation by civil authorities when the exercise of military jurisdiction or disciplinary action is possible. Investigations of and disciplinary actions against Military Technicians when it could affect the member's military status. Line-ups. Orders to testify, answer questions, or provide a statement under circumstances that could incriminate the Soldier.

​Future JAG Site Content

 We are gathering resources and content for Commanders, Staff, Soldiers, and Dependents to assist in the ongoing mission of the New Mexico National Guard.

Examples of future legal resourses are:

1)  Commander's Page:  legal handbook, training packages, policies, and common legal and administrative action request templates

2) Soldier's/Airmen Page: commonly used/needed legal resources and references

3) Staff page:  policies, procedures, and references commonly used with legal matters (ethics, fiscal law, property issues, etc.)

Legal Links

New Mexico Legal Services Partnership Pro Bono

New Mexico Legal Services Partnership provides free legal information and legal form packets online through this website. The information and forms cover such legal issues as family law, consumer law, landlord/tenant law and other non-criminal matters.

​​New Mexico Compilation Commission

This website gives access to the full text of New Mexico Statutes, Rules, Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution.  It is searchable with on-line help.

New Mexico Administrative Code

This website gives access to the full text of the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC).

Legal Links cont.

New Mexico Sealing & Expungement of Criminal Record

In some cases, you can ask a court to seal your criminal record from public view. This website gives you information and forms needed to request that your criminal record be sealed.

JAGCNET Legal Assistance Page

This website is a resource designed to educate and inform military members on their personal legal affairs.

DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Services - Garnishments

DFAS provides payment services for the U.S. Department of Defense. This page gives information on Child Support and Alimony, Former Spouses' Protection Act, Garnishments, Verification of Military Service, and more.

Legal Brochures

UNDER CONSTRUCTION projected live no later than Sept. 30, 2015